Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The lucky four leaved clovers

In many stages of my life I loved to be lucky, and I learned that there are things that can make you lucky or they are a signs indicating that a good thing may happen for you. One of these things are the four leaves clover. so what it the story behind these leaves ?

It is believed that each section of this leaf is a symbol for certain thing, so we have a leaf for Luck, a leaf for Love, a leaf for Hope and a leaf for Faith. In fact the normal plant just have three leaves, but this variant appears once every 10,000 three leaves clovers.

Genetically speaking there are factors that effect the three leaves clovers and make them four, the main factors are due to environment, some mutations or both -mutation is a change in the genetic material (genotype) from one generation to another that leads to a change in the outer characters (phenotype)- in this case the phenotype is the four leaves clover due to the existence of a rare gene that generated from the mutation.

So now who said it brings luck ? this thought originated in Ireland in the iron age, the Durids believed that every time they hold a three leaves clover they will be able to see the evil and then have the time to run away from him, they thought if it is a four leaf clover this will add extra powers and protection. That's why the Irish people say that the hills of Ireland have more four leaves clovers than anywhere else. Irish also believe that if you found a five or six leaves clover this would be certainly a bad luck.

According to a christian legand they believe that Eve left the garden of Eden with a four leaves clover in her hand, so when they hold it, it is like holding a piece of paradise.

In the old days, children thought that if they found it and hold it, they would see fairies.

So next time when you see a four leaves clover 
think about
then smile :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Ice cream month!!

Nothing is better than ice cream in this summer. It is really a cool feeling when u are under the sun wearing your sunglasses near the beach and eating ur favorite ice cream.. what a feeling.
There are several flavors of Ice-cream as we all know, for me, my favorite flavor is Vanilla and Strawberry cheese cake, but what if I ask u to try the garlic or the salt and pepper flavor? no they are not chips! they are ice cream flavors..

Before 25 years Ronald Reagan - the 40th president of the United States- deemed July as the National Ice cream Month in 1984 and he also pointed that the third Sunday of July to be the National Ice cream Day but he didn't know that one day there will be a Brown bread ice cream or even a lobster ice cream!!

It was a trend that spread among the small shops which sell ice cream, they started to make different and weird flavors, flavors that u can't imagine, but even the national chains like Baskin Robbins started to do the same thing by inviting new ice cream flavors :) There is even a green chilli flavor in India ! can't imagine the taste....

Here are the more inventive ice cream flavors ! what do u like to try ?

Now grab ur favorite ice cream and enjoy :D

Friday, July 8, 2011

Malcolm X: A great person to remember

I know it may looks weird to review a movie that is before 19 years, but I just felt that it is amazing and everybody should watch it or read the book and know more about this person. The story talks about one main thing, racism!

According to Oxford Dictionary, Racism is "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race , especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races." and for me it is just a type of unfair act towards a group of people with certain character that they have nothing to do with it ! you can't judge people and put them in a corner because they are black or yellow or whatever! that's what the movie and the book talked about. It is about a man who was suffering from racism like any other Afro-American person in the states at that time. White people used to kill them, hate them, and take everything from them. They suffered a lot as a black community when every white man was asking them to go back to Africa. it is all about how a kid wanted to be a lawyer but he couldn't cos he was black !

I like it when Malcolm said in one of his speeches that they are black and Africans even before all those racism acts or the country is exist! and this is so true, we are humans before everything else. The other thing that I like is how he said that black people should love and believe in themselves to make people love them instead of trying to be like others. I think we all should do that not just black people! his story gives a lot of lessons -apart from Islam-.

Well, many people specially Muslims see him as an icon for Islam in America, but for me, I think he is more than that, Islam was a part of what he did, but he gave a great lessons in humanity and self appreciation with his 39 years. More than that, I like it how he changed his opinions and believes when he realized the truth. it gives another lesson in how you have to say it if u did something wrong, it ain't a shame!

I didn't like how he was in the beginning, he thought - or they taught him - that black people should hate white men even though his mother was white -she hated her white blood and she chose to marry a black man- he refused to work with white people who believed in him, but after his visit to Mecca, he realized that it is not about the color, he went to "Hajj" with white people who have a light hair and blue eyes and he was eating with them.

Unfortunately he was murdered in the end in a very bad way , I didn't like it cos I think that he should stay longer - but this is his destiny - and it is how some people hate and can't accept others, he had more things to give to the world and to the humanity not just for Muslims or Afro-Americans.
Simply his

The movie is 3:15 hours long but reading the book is much better :)
Good video to watch !

To read more:
MalcolmX Biography
About the movie
About the book

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today is June,19th a day to honour fathers arround the world ! so I just wanted to share some things about this day and it's origins so lets see

The Father's day holiday started the first time by
Sonora Smart Dodd, She initiated the idea after listening to the mother's day sermon in 1909 then she suggested the idea of the holiday..

She did that to honour her father who was a Civil War veteran, he raised her with other 5 siblings when her mom died in childbirth. it was a tough job for a single parent to do that so she wanted to honour him with a special day..

The date of the holiday was chosen because it is here father's birthday :)
In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson and his family personally observed the day and in 1924 President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father's Day, but it didn't become an official holiday int the states until 1966...
I really do believe that mother's day should equals father's day, they both do an equal jobs towards their kids but each one from his/hers place.. that's why we call it a family ..

So now all I want to say is Happy Father's Day to all fathers around the world and to daddy , the greatest dad ever ^.^

I loved this cartoon :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hoppin' John String Band preformance in Kuwait

Today I attended the event of The Hoppin' John String Band from NY, I am not a country music fan but after this event I can say that I will start listening to country music ^.^

The best part was that they were preforming live! they danced, sang, and played with instruments, I found it more interesting than just listening to the music or watch a video, the whole show was awesome.. I took this video, sorry it is not clear because It was with my mobile ;p

Today was the first performance for them so for those who love country music they still have the chance to attend... there next performances will be in
June 16, 2011 8:30-9:30 pm at the Higher Institution for Musical for Arts
June 19, 2011 7:15 – 8:30 pm at Al-Babtain’s Central Library for Arabic Poetry

what else ?
oh yeah they sang this song and I loved it, It just give you some positiveness so smile, enjoy and keep on the sunny side ppl!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rare Lunar Eclipse will be seen in Kuwait Town

Get ready for the lunar eclipse that will happen tonight -Kuwait time-, people in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa or Australia will be able to see it very clearly and in Kuwait too !
The eclipse in Kuwait will last 5 hours and 24 minutes and will start exactly at 5:26 pm GMT (8:26 pm in kw)..
They said that the best time to see the lunar eclipse in Kuwait is at 11 pm when the moon enters the area of the earth's shadow..
You didn't get it ? watch this video from NASA ;D

This eclipse is considered as one of the rare eclipses and the longest-lasting one since July 2000, it will happen again in December this year..

Can't wait to see the orange moon ^.^

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Half green half red apple

It is not a photoshop game, it is just how our nature can create such weird and beautiful things :)

This apple is half green half red, It has been found in a farm , people who found it said that it is really looks like two halves that are joined together in a very perfect way specially the line between the green and the red is very fine and straight .

Experts said that it is a very rare case, we can find on of these apples between 1 million , the red half is sweeter than the green one and this apple is produced as a result of mutant gene.

I want to try one :D

Who is Kate Middleton ?

This post was in my other blog and I felt that it worth to put it here :)

Tomorrow is the big day! yes it is for Kate Middleton and Prince William. all the eyes will be towards great Britain to watch the phenomenal wedding of the prince and the princess.

But who is Kate Middleton and how did she met the prince ?

Kate Middleton- January,9th,1982 - England.

Kate spent two years of her life in Jordan as her father was working there in the British airways.

In the right: Kate as a child with her father and sister in Jarash-Jordan

In the left: Kate with her parents.

Prince William and Kate met while both were studying art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. And they became closer when they share housing with other students.

It was like this before 30 years..


Japanese drums band

Before weeks, I went to the drums band event that held by the Japanese Embassy in Kuwait and I recorded some videos :)
The leader of the band playing on drums

Here is the performance of all the band members

That day was the birthday of the band leader so all ppl sang for him Happy birthday to u :D

Loved that!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby development before birth

I found this nice animation video that shows the stages of the baby development inside his mom, are u curious to know about how you developed ? fikir
yea it is long a little bit but believe me it is so amazing u have to watch it till the end tepuktangan
I read that this video is a part of documentary created in France with french language. they didn't translate it into English yet, in this part there is no french but just music which is good siul

Sub7an Allah love
After this, your gift for ur mom in mothers' day should be more valuable now.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Animation from the last century

I found this collection of American animation that created in the early 1900s and it is considered as the origins of the American animation, I think it is nice to see the past and compare it with where we are now senyum

The first short movie is for its creator and producer Blackton, he used his hands only to create all this in 1906, that was in the United States. The name of the movie is "

[Humorous phases of funny faces]

Funny I like it sengihnampakgigi

The second video animation talks about Men styles, created in 1915.

[Men's styles]

Last video animation is about a lil boy , it was created in 1919.

[Dud leaves home]

If u want to watch more American old animation visit the library of Congress website or Library of Congress youtube channel


Kuwait celebrations

Kuwait is celebrating its National and liberation daycelebrate, all the streets, houses and buildings are decorated with Kuwait flags and Amir pictures, all people are out in the street celebrating the 50th National day, The 20th liberation day and 5th anniversary of H.H the Amir for the assumption of the leadership of the state of Kuwait senyum.

There was a nice event in Feb,25th next to Kuwait towers, as I know that people who read my blog are not just from Kuwait so I decided to share this show with the world to show them this lovely country love

The show including firworks and a laser show on Kuwait towers. Enjoy !!
If want to know about Kuwait towers please visit my post about them HERE rindu


How the world used to transport before 100 years

As we all know, transportation is a very important thing now a days and in the past toofikir today I bring some photographs from different parts from the world on how they used to transport in the 1890s senyum

In Egypt

In Japan

In Russia

In Sri-Lanka

In Australia

In China

Source: Library of Congress

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can the animals recognize their reflection in a mirror ?

Animals usually deal with their reflection in a mirror as another individual, but in certain cases the degree of intelligence can control this phenomena.siul

Scientists said that some animals like dolphines and higher monkeys are able to recognize themselves based on a test they call it "the mirror test", in this test they make a certian mark on the animal who is under invistigation then they let him see the reflection on the mirror. Elephants, champs and Dolphins showed a positive results and they were able to recognize the image while other animals like Gorella didn't pass the test !fikir

Scientists add that the ability to recognize self increase with animals that spend most time with humansencem, and as the size of their brain increase they will be more able to recognize the imageangel.

It is nice to add that the human baby is not abble to recognize himself in the mirror until 18 months after the birthsenyum.

source : The scientific arabi magazine (Feb,2011)
more information in wikipedia