Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kuwait Towers.. Our lovely towers ..

Today my post is different, yes it is about Kuwait Towers sengihnampakgigi one of the most famous landmarks in Kuwait, Usually when u see them u know they are talking about Kuwait ! so what is the story behind those Towers and who build them, when and why ? fikir

Honestly I didn't find enough Information about them but let's see senyum

Kuwait Towers were designed in 1975 by a Swedish company owned by Sune Lindstrom (1906-1989) -in the photo- and Malen Bojorn a female designer from Denmark helped in designing them.angel
Then the towers were built by Enrigo Project - a company from Belgrade, Serbisiuland here are some photos for them during 1977 .. sengihnampakgigi

After building them they opened to the public in March 1979tepuktangan. and here are Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with the Kuwaiti defence minister, Salem Sabah, beneath the newly-built Kuwait Towers, 1979..kenyit

Why Kuwait Towers ? soal
As the city became more modern and the buildings started to be taller there was a serious demand for a supplement of water that can cover all the buildings in the city and that required them to keep the water in a certain height with a certain pressurekenyit, so Kuwait Towers was the solution.celebrate

The main tower is 187 m high and it has 2 spheresdiam one of them is for viewing which rises to 123 m above sea level and completes a full round turn every 30 minutespeace so you will be able to see all the city from that heightencem a restaurant is including inside it siulit has also a small shop for buying things about Kuwait kenyit

The middle tower is with one sphereو it is 147 m above sea level and it holds waterangel.

And finally the small tower is with no spheresencem,135 m and it is used for lighting and holds 4,500 cubic meters of waterfikir.

The concrete needle-shaped towers are white-painted most of the way up, and tipped with aluminum. The three balls, also constructed in reinforced concrete, are covered with 55,000 circular steel plates, painted in eight different colors.
Its location next to the Arabian Gulf made it one of the most places that attract people in Kuwait and when tourists or gusts come to Kuwait they have to visit Kuwait towers.. senyum

Never forget to mention that Kuwait towers were heavily damaged during the Iraqi invasion to Kuwaitsedih but they were re-built and re-opened after the liberation in 1991 peace

May God bless this countrylove

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