Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The lucky four leaved clovers

In many stages of my life I loved to be lucky, and I learned that there are things that can make you lucky or they are a signs indicating that a good thing may happen for you. One of these things are the four leaves clover. so what it the story behind these leaves ?

It is believed that each section of this leaf is a symbol for certain thing, so we have a leaf for Luck, a leaf for Love, a leaf for Hope and a leaf for Faith. In fact the normal plant just have three leaves, but this variant appears once every 10,000 three leaves clovers.

Genetically speaking there are factors that effect the three leaves clovers and make them four, the main factors are due to environment, some mutations or both -mutation is a change in the genetic material (genotype) from one generation to another that leads to a change in the outer characters (phenotype)- in this case the phenotype is the four leaves clover due to the existence of a rare gene that generated from the mutation.

So now who said it brings luck ? this thought originated in Ireland in the iron age, the Durids believed that every time they hold a three leaves clover they will be able to see the evil and then have the time to run away from him, they thought if it is a four leaf clover this will add extra powers and protection. That's why the Irish people say that the hills of Ireland have more four leaves clovers than anywhere else. Irish also believe that if you found a five or six leaves clover this would be certainly a bad luck.

According to a christian legand they believe that Eve left the garden of Eden with a four leaves clover in her hand, so when they hold it, it is like holding a piece of paradise.

In the old days, children thought that if they found it and hold it, they would see fairies.

So next time when you see a four leaves clover 
think about
then smile :)

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