Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Ice cream month!!

Nothing is better than ice cream in this summer. It is really a cool feeling when u are under the sun wearing your sunglasses near the beach and eating ur favorite ice cream.. what a feeling.
There are several flavors of Ice-cream as we all know, for me, my favorite flavor is Vanilla and Strawberry cheese cake, but what if I ask u to try the garlic or the salt and pepper flavor? no they are not chips! they are ice cream flavors..

Before 25 years Ronald Reagan - the 40th president of the United States- deemed July as the National Ice cream Month in 1984 and he also pointed that the third Sunday of July to be the National Ice cream Day but he didn't know that one day there will be a Brown bread ice cream or even a lobster ice cream!!

It was a trend that spread among the small shops which sell ice cream, they started to make different and weird flavors, flavors that u can't imagine, but even the national chains like Baskin Robbins started to do the same thing by inviting new ice cream flavors :) There is even a green chilli flavor in India ! can't imagine the taste....

Here are the more inventive ice cream flavors ! what do u like to try ?

Now grab ur favorite ice cream and enjoy :D

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  1. I could eat ice cream everyday for the rest of my life and never get bored. :) Happy Ramadan.