Friday, July 8, 2011

Malcolm X: A great person to remember

I know it may looks weird to review a movie that is before 19 years, but I just felt that it is amazing and everybody should watch it or read the book and know more about this person. The story talks about one main thing, racism!

According to Oxford Dictionary, Racism is "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race , especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races." and for me it is just a type of unfair act towards a group of people with certain character that they have nothing to do with it ! you can't judge people and put them in a corner because they are black or yellow or whatever! that's what the movie and the book talked about. It is about a man who was suffering from racism like any other Afro-American person in the states at that time. White people used to kill them, hate them, and take everything from them. They suffered a lot as a black community when every white man was asking them to go back to Africa. it is all about how a kid wanted to be a lawyer but he couldn't cos he was black !

I like it when Malcolm said in one of his speeches that they are black and Africans even before all those racism acts or the country is exist! and this is so true, we are humans before everything else. The other thing that I like is how he said that black people should love and believe in themselves to make people love them instead of trying to be like others. I think we all should do that not just black people! his story gives a lot of lessons -apart from Islam-.

Well, many people specially Muslims see him as an icon for Islam in America, but for me, I think he is more than that, Islam was a part of what he did, but he gave a great lessons in humanity and self appreciation with his 39 years. More than that, I like it how he changed his opinions and believes when he realized the truth. it gives another lesson in how you have to say it if u did something wrong, it ain't a shame!

I didn't like how he was in the beginning, he thought - or they taught him - that black people should hate white men even though his mother was white -she hated her white blood and she chose to marry a black man- he refused to work with white people who believed in him, but after his visit to Mecca, he realized that it is not about the color, he went to "Hajj" with white people who have a light hair and blue eyes and he was eating with them.

Unfortunately he was murdered in the end in a very bad way , I didn't like it cos I think that he should stay longer - but this is his destiny - and it is how some people hate and can't accept others, he had more things to give to the world and to the humanity not just for Muslims or Afro-Americans.
Simply his

The movie is 3:15 hours long but reading the book is much better :)
Good video to watch !

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