Saturday, October 9, 2010

Creative notes !

I like notes so much and I buy them a lot..
I found this collection of amazing notes, SO CREATIVE..

Teach u how to be a criminal ;p
Funny !!
Be a friend of the environment xD
I like them so much !!
Hungry ?
Cool one !
Yummy ;p
It can resist water ! lol
Ipad, Ipod, Iphone and now Inote ;p

I like them ^^


  1. WOW 7adhOm 3jeben ! =D
    t9dgen 3ad Shft b3th'hOm eb virgin Men gbl cham yOm ..
    7ata awl wa7da shft'ha the first one 7ada fa9la xD !
    w 7abait Sricky notes elle 3ala 3alamt el t3jb 7elwen !

  2. I remember that I saw the toasted notes in virgin before few weeks..
    I have to go again and check them ^^
    Thank u :)