Friday, October 8, 2010

The reddish Indian powder

I was watching an Indian movie , I am not in to Bollywood stuff so much plus I don't know much about the Indian culture, but it happened that I watched that movie..

The movie was talking about 2 girls and a guy, they used to be a good friends in their childhood, the guy was in love with one of the girls but he moved to London with his family and he asked the girl that he loved to send emails for him, she didn't pay attention to him but the other girl did ! the film is nice for more information u can visit Here to know more about it..

There was a wedding in this movie and the groom was putting a redish powder material on the head of his pride, I saw this a lot in indan movies and I didn't know why they do that ?! well, I read about it and am gonna tell u the story :)

The reddish material called "Sindoor" , they applied it on the parting line of woman's hair and they called it " mang" or as a dot on the front of her head. Single women do not apply "mang" but they put the dot in different colors.

Well, this tradition came from "Hinduism", it is something related with the religion and the culture in India.
So now , why red ? Red is the color of power and sindoor is the female energy of "sati" and "parvati", what does all that mean ? "sati" is the typical Hindu wife that protect her husband's honor, and "parvati"is a God that will give the long life for woman who put this sindoor on her hair.
"Sindoor" basically made of trumeric, alum or lime and some herbals which are not poisonous..

So interesting :)
for more details about "sindoor" please visit Wikipedia

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