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The Smurfs ! the lil cute creatures

Who love them ? I do love! they are one of my favorite cartoons since my childhood! I still enjoy watching them and searching for there seriessenyum.. so now what is the story behind those little blue creatures and how they were created ?fikir

Before talking u should know that they are not real and there characters were created by a human being

ٍٍSo now everything is clear !! Let's smurf our journey !! I mean "start" celebrate

The first appear of the smurfs was in October 23, 1958 by
Pierre Culliford, a Belgium from Brussels.angel
He drew his series which called 'Johan and Pirlouit' , Johann and Pewit (English Names) and their attempts to recover the magic flute. On their journeys, they discover strange new creatures: The Smurfs! then the smurfs became so popular that they were given their own series.tepuktangan
The first Smurf figures appeared in 1965. There were three produced in the first year, the Normal Smurf, the Gold Smurf and the Convict Smurf.
In 1966 three more figures were produced , Spy Smurf, Angry Smurf and Drummer.And again in 1969 more 5 smurfs joined the family, The moon smurf one of the most successful characters that appeared in relation to the first Moon landing in that year. The other smurfs were Winter Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Guitar Smurf and everybodys favorite Papa Smurf.

In 1971, the first female smurf appeared and commonly known as Smurfette.

Smurfs have been produced every year since then and more smurfs were added except for 1988 and 1991.

In 1992, the creator passed away
sedih. However, his son Thierry Culliford is continuing to sculpt Smurfs. In the last few years there have been new smurfs including Anniversary smurf which released for the 50th anniversary of The Smurfs and the 80th anniversary of the birth of its creator.celebrate

You will find smurfs in every country and everybody know them, but the funny thing is that they have many names :) the orginal french name of the smurfs is Les Schtroumpfs. here are how the call them around the world ..encem

  • De Smurfen - Netherlands
  • Die Schlümpfe - Germany
  • Los Pitufos - Spain
  • I Puffi - Italy
  • Estrumpfe - Portugal
  • Smurferna - Sweden
  • Sumafu - Japan
  • Lan jing ling - China
  • Poland - Smerf
In the end of 2011, there will be a movie called The smurfs! waiting for it :)
take a look at the trailer and smurf ur life ^^

History of Smurfs

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