Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hidden Kuwait: Tareq Museum

There are many hidden places in Kuwait that we don't know about, in fact, foreigners who live or visit Kuwait know those places more than we do because they search for them.. one of these places is Tareq Rajab Museum, the owner of the museum spent 50 years collecting those things as a hobby, and then they opened this museum for public..
well, I was there for academic proposes and I took those pictures, it is not allowed to take pictures there but when I said that I need them for my college they said okay ^^

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For more details please visit their website here
and btw it is free of charge


  1. Thanks for the tip. I look forward to going there with the girls. :)

  2. As much as I like visiting new places in Kuwait. I very much hate visiting Tareq Rajab Museum. I have unavoidably visited that place half a dozen times. Next to it is N.E.S (New English School). The wife of the owner of that school which I studied in is the owner of that Museum.

    So basically whenever we have a trip of some sort, whether drawing, or visiting or sighting.. we are taken to the same old overused place.. guess where that is?..... Yup.

  3. @Expat and the City
    ur welcome , I hope u'll enjoy it ^^

  4. @Kuwaitiful
    Poor students ^^
    yeah I heard that they go there a lot ! but for a person who visit it for the first time it is a nice experience ^^