Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Angelina Jolie wearing scarf in Pakistan

I really like the picture of Angelina Jolie when she visited Pakistan to help the victims there as a goodwill ambassador, well, she is not Muslim even not Christian, she didn't identify herself in any region , but when she went there she didn't care about the religion or the race or anything else, she went there by the name of humanity to help those poor people.
Honestly, I didn't like her before because of her personal life and how she took Brad Bit from his wife after, but I still respect her other side, because I believe that each one of us has a bad and a good side, she is a human and she have them too .. =)

Another thing, I like how she wore the scarf respecting the Islamic country that she visited, this can show us how it is nice to respect others in their lands and how to accept them as themselves ..

Here are a video for her when she went there from the BBC ..

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