Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why we can't sleep when we use the laptop at night?

Did u ask yourself one day, why u can't sleep easily after using ur laptop in the evening ? and it happens a lot that some people stay in front of the lab until the sun appears in the sky ?

I read an article before few days about this topic and I felt that is really interesting to know the reason. It says that the white light of ur laptop is working against ur biological clock , the white light is good during the day but when u use ur laptop with this bright light at night something wrong gonna be happen in ur biological clock and will keep u awake until the morning !

To solve the problem there is a nice software called F.lux , it fixes the problem by controlling the brightness of light in ur laptop according to ur local time, during the day the light will be normal then the brightness will decrease gradually as the sun started to set.

I tried it and it is nice, I feel it is good for the eyes too ;D
u can download it from here and give it a try! it is for free..
I hope u enjoyed my post ^.^


  1. Hey Sweet :)
    That realy intrestig :)
    I know some part of ppl distened to do what they realy want to do when they just set at their own laptops
    let me tell you an example
    i read before few months a review of a research about ppl computer use timing
    it's told that the most part of ppl like to work at their personal laptops at night more than working on it at morning or along the day!

    in case if you wonder why ?
    i will tell you my personal opinion :)
    at morning i work in my company infront of my computer and between the offices around the workstation
    when i get to home after 1.30 pm i feel just tired and don't want or like to touch my personal laptop or desktop because i am relaxing atm and in afternoon i have to go back for work to complete the second shift
    after i get back home at night i can have my time controlled because i know the balance of the day is mine and nothing gonna take it untill the next morning so here is the point at night i can use it and do what ever i want because i got my relax and i am active to do what want to do :)

    so night and midnight in weekend is suitable for me :)

    some ppl has another or diffrent opinion
    maybe you have another reasons you can tell us about :)

    i'll look for more article from your blog about technologies sweety :)
    it's a good start you've done

    have a nice evening now :)

  2. Thank you for ur comment :)
    And yea I think that it depends on the person himself and his time, for me also night and midnight is the best time for using my computer and I think for the most ppl ! but it became a problem when u can't control urself and u just want to stay more and more to check ur emails or to google something it takes alot of time really..