Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can we make a change?

Yesterday, I was chatting with my class mate, I told her: " Well I know that you are shy and you have a phobia from the stage" and really she is, I asked her if she want to change herself and break the lines that stop her from going forward, she answered :"No, I don't want, I don't care about what gonna happen in the future I just want to pass my current presentations in college". well, to be honest I didn't like what she said, I think each one of us have to change himself to be a better person cuz other than that for me the life will be boring .

Changing something in your personality is really tough, it needs a lot of work and a strong well. I just wondering why it is easy for people to be changed to be bad while it is hard for them to be good ones? since I dunno the answer right now , the question will be open until the upcoming posts.

The funnest thing in my friend's story is that she kept saying "I have a phobia, the stage scares me and I can't stand in front of people and talk while they are staring at me" then when I told her that her answer really shocked me, she commented "What can I do ? I can't change myself" ;D

Persons like my friend have to think twice and more about their decision to keep themselves as they are, Humans have to change to be better .. and there is nothing that can not be changed..! ^.^

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