Monday, September 6, 2010

Let's talk about science !

My friend suggested me to write some thing about science as a science student and it well be nice if I write something that I know very very well :D
It will not be a pure science but maybe some interesting facts or information that I know.
Well, I decided to make this post as and intro to those types of posts so I want to talk about my major in general, I hope you will like it :D
Here we are talking about Molecular Biology

What is Molecular Biology?
Molecular Biology is the science that deals with the cell at the molecular level i.e. studying the structural components -organelles,DNA,RNA,Proteins, Enzymes, membranes, fluids, ...etc- of the cell, and how all those components working together in a huge coordination to do a specific functions in the cell, therefore, a good functions of the cell will lead to a good functions of tissues then a good functions of the organs ( heart, kidneys ,..etc), and since the cell is the building block of the organism it is important to know how does it work and what is it consist of.

That was my explanation but to clarify the idea more I brought the definition of molecular biology, it says that MB is "The academic discipline that studies the interactions between the various systems of a cell including the interrelationship of DNA, RNA and proteins and learning how these interactions are regulated." .Genetics, Biochemistry and Biotechnology all those sciences are related to MB in a way or another and it is a very important thing in the development of them.

This science is helping the humanity a lot. their are many applications on that. Clonning, transgenic animals, stem cells, Cancer treatments and many fields that are making a big bang in the world. Simply it is the science of Future and it will definitely find a solutions for many fatal medical problems and many mysteric things in our bodies .

Here are some questions..
Do u want to know why ur eyes are not green like ur grandma ?
Have u ever think of ur behaviors, thoughts and ur psychological conditions as an inherited things from ur ancestors ?
Did u imagine before that what ur ancestors faced in their life ( wars, stress, loss.. etc) can affect ur personality even u weren't exist in that time ?
Did u know before that the same gene can cause two different diseases depending on the source of the gene ( from the father or the mother)?

And many other questions that MB can answer...
finally and all what I can say is
I Love MB
I am studying also Biochemistry Maybe I gonna talk about it later jelir

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