Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Design

Today I tried to design something by photoshop, the result was disappointing sedih

This is the orginal one
And this what I did

but I'll try to design new thing tomorrow bcuz I am still learning, wish me luck senyum



  1. It's not bad at all actually, i'm not sure if your saying it's horrible to get complimented, but it looks eye catching.

    I major in Design, so if you need advice in PS feel free to ask.

  2. OMG I didn't mean that :/
    but np thank u so much ^^

  3. OMG!!! What a bloody awful pic, my eyes are burning right now, I don't blame you though, coz it's your first try, and hopefully the last. The only advice I can give you now, is that "NEVER EVER try to Photoshop anything else EVER again" , damn girl, you're a disgrace to the photoshop world ;p
    Anyways good luck in other projects PUMPKIN ;)

  4. LOL what a crazy girl! I can catch u even if ur nick name is Anonymous :p and I told u before I hate pumpkin ;)

  5. for a first try, its rather good.

    i wish i had half the talent :) is it possible to teach oneself photoshop, or best to take a course?

  6. Thank u ^^
    emm for me I prefer to learn it by myself and that's what I do so yes it's possible and it depends on u ^^

  7. LOL, I know girl, that's why I capitalized it, so you can see it clearly ;p
    Miss you soooooo much cupcake ;)