Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How a gesture can put u in jail?

As we know, there are many differences in cultures around the world, the things that are allowed to do in your country, can be prohibited in other countries takboleand vice versa, the allowance and the prohibition may mainly depends on religious views or even historical events.kenyit

One of the most confusing topics that shows how the differences in cultures may be a problem is "Hand gestures"
fikir, it is a problem to the limits that could throw u in Jail !hah So let's See !! sengihnampakgigi

In the states this sign means I LOVE YOUlove

The other sign that it is slightly similar to this is this one below fikir If you show this sign to someone in USA, he will directly think about "Texas University" since it is the logo of the university and the Texas Longhorn football team and it represent the two horns of the bull. But can you imagine that the same sign is an insult for Mediterranean ! In 1985 five Americans were arrested in Rome because they were dancing and using this gesture, then the news later showed that Longhorn football team won in USA and those Guys were Happyjelir

In South America it means protection against bad luck when rotated but in Malta and parts of italy it means protection against Evil Eyes when they point it.

The other interesting gesture is this one ..
In Europe and North America it means OK or excellent While in Arab countries it is a threat signal.

Mediterranean people, Russians and Brazilians it has bad meaning and considered as an insult.hah

In Japan this gesture means MONEY! if u r doing business in Japan and u show them this sign they will think that u asking them for a bribe jelir

In France and Belgium it means Zero or worthless, so don't ever do this in restaurants when u go there, they may throw u out because it is really impolite to say that the food is worthless even if u mean it is Good siul

Those are just two but there are a lot! for farther reading visit
Wikipedia siul