Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A 500 years old Mosque

In one of my visits to UAE, we went in a road trip starting from Dubai passing all the Emirates trying to discover hidden areas and do some adventures ;p , we found this old mosque that was built in 1443 B.C in the way between the mountains, we stopped there to walk and take a look and I took those pictures ..

(click the photos to enlarge them)
Some information about the mosque..

I saw this old boat in the place, i liked it ^^

A view of the whole area

The mosque

I can't believe that this mosque is 500 years old and still working, it is just a miracle ..
well, I went inside it, it was really small and its door is narrow u have to lower ur head to go inside, and its smell really old..


  1. Really amazing mashalla !!!!! Ur lucky this is one great road trip :)

  2. Wow thats great! I would love to see these places :)

  3. I like to visit these places too
    thank u ^^