Monday, October 18, 2010

The most things that I hate in Kuwat streets


Today am gonna tell u about the most things that I hate while driving in Kuwait
Some times those make me Sad nangih or even MADtension
Because simply we shouldn't see these things in the 21st century senyum

So let's start !

1- Pollution

I HATE the view of the black smoke when it goes out from a bus or an old car !! specially when there is a traffic, it is so annoying and disgusting, I am wandering why they are sad because the weather is gettin' hot year after year!!, it is from u ppl !! from what u did and do everyday to the environment, these smokes go to the sky and it affect the OZONE layer, the hole is getting wider and wider in that layer and more harmful radiations are coming from the sun causing many diseases to us like skin cancers, this layer protect us and u destroy it, u want us to diemarahand again u want the weather to be good huh ! "THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE "

2- Heavy vehicles and buses

Okay, I know that the street is not mine! but still it is unfair for a sport car, SUV, saloon or even a Truck to be between huge vehicles, and when ? in the traffic jamsputuscinte the problem is that the driver of that bus or vehicle think that he is the only one in the street!, he is the king and we have to accept that and let him do what he want, there is a specific hours when it is allowed for them to use the streets but I doubt that they stuck to the rules, what is happening is completely NOT ACCEPTED .. takbole

3-Running time.

I hate when I am driving in the highway or a ring road and SUDDENLY !! some thing is running and crossing the street hah ARE U CRAZY ! if yes then u need a shrink .. no comment..

4-Traffic staring

Okay the traffic is red, we are waiting the green light to move, but why r u looking left and right and stare ppl around u ?! impolite behavior


u r delivering ppl but u r killing others!putuscinte they are driving too fast, and stop saddenly to hunt some passengers, What about the other cars behind u ? btw I hate the colors of the cobs too, white and creamy color, where are we !!

6- Garbage

The most thing that doesn't show any kind of civilization is throwing the garbage from the window of the car, that's include cigarette, tissues or even coke bottles hah PLEASE DON'T DO THAT, at least throw ur garbage inside ur car siulbetter than showing the ppl that u don't know about something called Driving Etiqette senyum