Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why 7 is lucky? why 13 is unlucky ?

I was always thinking why number 7 brings luck and why people hate number 13, I thought they are just numbers, but today I bring the facts behind those two mystic numbers xD

Number 7:

Number 7 has a historical and religion repetition, During the history, number 7 was considered the number of perfection, many religions mentioned it as in Islam, Christian and Jews all the holy books agreed that God( Allah) Created the universe in 7 days there are also a 7 deadly signs according to some religions.

Other than that, it hasmany scientific examples, the normal pH of the body is 7, the color of the rainbow are 7 and there are 7 types of viruses.

Also, the ancient planets were 7 (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).

In china the 7th day of the first moon of the lunar year is known as Human's day and it is a universal celebration for the birthday of human in the Chinese culture..
There are many other examples about number 7 but still the secret about why this number is lucky is hidden ...

What about Number 13 ?!
It said that the idea that number 13 is unlucky is just a myth, this myth came from religion views, accidents or spirits and so on..

Many hotels don't have floor 13 or even room number 13, the directly go from 12 to 14.

There are many theories that tried to explain this unlucky number but still there is no acceptance theory, one of the theories said that when the human learned how to count the first time, he was using his fingers to count until number 12 but beyond 12 was unknown and scary to him.

But the strangest thing is that number 13 was a lucky number for the ancient Chinese and Egyptian..

So wired !!
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  1. My BD 7/7/7 any views? I am certain am Blessed I've Never need for anything:) I'm happy 3 7's are in my Birthday as my sec. Lucky/Blessed # is 3!!!:) We all have 7 open holes on our body (nes u born with:) , 3 in 1 >>>Father/Son/Holy Ghost & according to my believe we and all that is was created in 7 days. I all 3 of my 1 Mighty God , who will forgive us 70 x 7 , Give out 7 Hugs a week! or at least 3!!!:) 3 x 7 is 21 divide 3 = 7 ...I love 7/7/7 :)1love