Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Which numbers are lucky in China ?

The lucky numbers are common in many cultures in the world, people are always thinking to choose those numbers that bring them luck and keep themselves apart from the unlucky ones.

In China the same story happens, In the Chinese culture they always relate between the pronunciation of the number and the similar pronunciation of other word that will decide whither this number is lucky or not, ppl choose their phone numbers, street numbers, cars numbers and even house numbers carefully according to the lucky numbers theory:

Generally, Number 2 is a lucky number, and there is a Chinese saying that said "good things come in pairs", they always prefer to take things in pairs. the pronunciation of number 2 in Chinese is similar to a word that means easy. All numbers are considered in the same manner so u will fine that:
Number 2 = easy
Number 3 = birth
Number 5 = richness
Number 6 = doing things smoothly
Number 8 = wealth
Number 9 = longevity

What about the other numbers ?
Since 2,3,5,6,8 and 9 are lucky ones, while 4 and 7 are not

Number 4 is considered as unlucky number in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cultures, its pronunciation means "Death", therefore u can find that in Nokia cell phones there is no series number that begin with 4, and also in east Asia there is no number 4 floor in some buildings (like what happen with number 13 in the west).

Number 7 is considered to be unlucky, 1) It means Anger, and 2) it refer to the 7th month of the chinese calender which is "The ghost", so it is considered spiritist or ghostly.

According to the Chinese culture if some one has (9955) as a car number this means that he will be rich and his car will stay with him for a long time xD

Sources for more details: Wikipedia and China travel

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